We’re thrilled to report good news from the Cayman Islands.  Our wonderful island will be opening it’s borders in a phased approach.   The Deputy Premier and Tourism Minster Moses Kirkconnell outlined the proposed initial opening of the island which will be very conservative to protect their island and population from outbreak.

Phase 1 opening is outlined below for 1 Sept:

  • Potential passengers must take a COVID-19 test 72 hours before departing. The result must come back negative.
  • Potential visitors fill out an online application, which includes requirement to prove the COVID-19 test result. TravelTime will consider the application and provide a decision as to whether the potential visitor is given permission to arrive.
  • Approved passengers will arrive at Owen Roberts International Airport and adhere to the facility’s new social distancing protocols.
  • Visitors will receive a health monitoring device upon arriving in the Cayman Islands.
  • After clearing immigration and customs, visitors will then be taken to a monitored self isolation for five days.
  • Visitors then are given another COVID-19 test. If negative, visitors are able to leave isolation but must still wear the monitoring device.
  • Kirkconnell said TravelTime will consider where a person is travelling from when determining whether to grant permission to travel to Cayman.
  • Travelers will also need to pay a flat registration fee that would help cover the cost of the monitoring device and other costs incurred with the reopening protocols.

    Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman Cayman Islands Caribbean sandy beach

    Beautiful white sand and calm waters of Seven Mile Beach

You can check for updates at https://www.exploregov.ky/coronavirus-news.   I will update any news timely.

We are currently accepting reservations.   Please consider your length of stay if you’d like to come to island in the fall.  You can find
calendars with availability through individual units listed here –> https://windsong.ky/the-villas/ .

We’re looking forward to seeing many of our old friends an making new friends soon!  Please email me with any questions.  info@adamc303.sg-host.com.

Be well,